February Newsletter

by mockingbirdbook


Illustration from “Hug Machine” by Scott Campbell

Welcome to February!

4e403b40-74e7-4044-af39-b0e030afa98bThis month we are excited to welcome art teacher Gillian Wright-Cassone, who will teach a series of Saturday afternoon art classes inspired by picture books. Read more about Art&Soul below.

February 14th is International Book Giving Day. What better way to say “I love you” than with a book? We’d be happy to help you select the perfect book to give to your loved one (and we offer free gift wrapping!).

For Valentine’s Day we have some blind date books that are looking for a home. Stop by and read the book’s description and similar titles to see if it might be a fit for you. What will you get? The fun is in the surprise! Keep us posted if you found your new book soulmate.

unnamedHave you seen our new books table? Every week we’ll add brand new releases, so be sure to come look over the selection for some reading inspiration. Let us know if there’s an upcoming book you’re excited to read!

Starting this month we’ll be collecting books for the International Community Health Services clinic’s Reach Out and Read program. Reach Out and Read gives free books to children to encourage and facilitate the development of early reading. They say, “We feel it is important to incorporate reading into pediatric practice while giving parents the information and means to help their children be prepared for school. We are looking for used book donations ranging anywhere from early toddler level to beginner chapter books.” Please drop off your used children’s books or come select books from the store to donate.

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Upcoming Events

Story Time every day at 11:00 a.m. (except Sunday)

Betsy Dischel’s special story time with fun tales and songs in English, Hebrew, and American Sign Language takes place every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Betsy is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and PJ Library.

February 24: World Read Aloud Day. 11:00 a.m. This day we’re inviting our customers of all ages to read a book during our daily story time. Please e-mail info@mockingbirdbooksgl.com to sign up.

February 27: Storybook Art Class begins. 3:00-3:45 p.m. Ages 3-6. This week’s class will explore Little Green Peas by Keith Baker. More information below.

March 2: We’ll celebrate Dr. Seuss’s 102nd birthday today with a special Dr. Seuss story time and activities at 11:00 a.m.

March 6: Storybook Art Class. 3:00-3:45 p.m. $10. This week’s class will explore Home by Carson Ellis.

Introducing Storybook Art Classes from Art&Soul Studios!
Let’s listen to stories and get inspired! Storybook art is a drop-in class with a theatrical story time followed by an art-making exploration inspired by the book. We’ll explore collage, printmaking, drawing and painting—using art to create our own stories.

Storybook Art is usually $10 a child but we’re holding our first class on February 27th for free! There is a 10 child limit and we’re expecting classes to fill up fast so make sure to register ahead of time. Please sign up at: http://www.art-soulstudios.com/#!mockingbird-books-/i4abg

About Instructor Gillian Wright-Cassone
Gillian is the founder of Green Lake-based Art&Soul Studios and a professional early childhood and art educator. With a passion for incorporating art education during a child’s formative years and bringing the arts to the community at large, she uses inspiration from Piaget, Montessori, and Reggio philosophies.

Attention Book Clubs:

Looking for a place to hold an afternoon book club? Mockingbird Books can offer a cozy nook for your group with access to coffee, tea, and snacks. Talk to us about scheduling and we will be happy to order books of any genre. Contact us at info@mockingbirdbooksgl.com or (206) 518-5886.

Planning a Birthday Party?

Looking for a venue to host your party or event? Come celebrate at Mockingbird Books! Drop us a line for more information.

Black History Month Selections


Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass by Dean Robbins, Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth and Strange Fruit: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History by Joel Christian Gill, The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis, Chains and Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson, Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales by Nelson Mandela, The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, Josephine by Patricia Hruby Powell, Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans by Kadir Nelson, Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter, and The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles.

Valentine’s Day Children’s Book Roundup


Snuggle Puppy: A Little Love Song by Sandra Boynton, Love Is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark, Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on Love by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney, Worm Loves Worm by J.J. Austrian, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff, Love From the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Hug Machine by Scott Campbell, How to Mend a Heart by Sara Gillingham, Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl by Tedd Arnold, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney, and Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joose


Staff Picks

Mary’s New Picture Book Picks

Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stantonpeddles

Local author Elizabeth Stanton’s delightful, new book stars Peddles, a pig. “Peddles was a pig who saw things his own way.” He had ideas! He wanted to fly. He wanted to hop like a frog. He even wanted to go into outer space. One night he saw folks dancing in the barn and he had an idea. He tromped and plodded, tried to dance but couldn’t. He found some fun red cowboy boots in a basket behind the barn. He tried again. He fell flat. Poor Peddles. His wonderful friends rescued him and together they trotted behind the barn, dug in the basket and all of them found super, colorful shoes to wear! What fun! The pigs are all as cute as can be.shhhbooksleeping

Shhh! This Book is Sleeping by Cedric Ramadier and Vincent Bourgeau

A little pink mouse leads the readers through this gentle board book. The book, bright blue, has eyes, nose and mouth gently drawn by a black pen. Mouse asks it “Did you brush your teeth?” “Yes.” “Did you go pee pee?” They read a book. Mouse tucks him in and gives him a hug. The book’s eyes close more and more. By the end, “Close the book very gently . . . Good Night!” The book is asleep. Very different, the children at story time loved it.

Bear is Not Tired by Ciara Gavinbearnottired

Pretty soon I’ll be asleep, so many books about bed time. This bear, however, does not want to go to sleep even though it is winter and he is supposed to hibernate. The ducks he lives with are having too much fun. Sometimes Bear forgets he isn’t a duck. He wants to stay awake. He tries to stay awake but he keeps falling asleep even though the ducks keep trying to help him stay awake. Finally Mama Duck tells him bears are bears and they are supposed to sleep in winter. Bear finally falls into a deep sleep. Suddenly it is Spring. Bear wakes up. The darling ducks have kept a photo album of all the activities they included him in while he was asleep. Gentle and sweet, a certain favorite for the 2’s and 3’s.

Mary’s Adult Picktemplesdelight

Temples of Delight by Barbara Trapido

What imagination! What humor! What insight! Barbara Trapido is a brilliant story teller.

Partway through the school year and in the middle of Silent Reading Hour Jem McGrail “drops like an acorn” into quiet, shy Alice Pilling’s life, turning Alice’s life upside down. Wicked and humorous adventures follow based on a love of indelicate literature and Mozart’s Magic Flute. Then, as suddenly as she appeared, Jem vanishes. Alice is distraught. Eventually Alice returns to what seems to be an ordinary life but she is destined to go on one more wild and extravagant journey when one Giovanni (Joe) B. Angeletti arrives on the scene. Is he the devil? “He was wearing a black felt hat and a voluminous black gabardine coat which fell unbuttoned from his shoulders. Under it he wore evening dress.”

Kathryn’s Picks

Heart of the Shepherd by Rosanne Parryheartofshepherd

[Middle grade]

From the publisher:
When Brother’s father is shipped off to Iraq, it’s up to Brother to help his grandparents keep the ranch going.
The hardships Brother faces will not only change the ranch but also reveal his true calling.

Rosanne Parry’s debut novel is a touching story about a young boy who quickly becomes the man of the house as he struggles daily with the land and animals, as well as the ravages of nature, in rural Oregon.

Oregon is also the setting for Rosanne Parry’s latest novel, The Turn of the Tide.turnoftide

From the publisher:
After a devastating tsunami in Japan, cousins Jet and Kai spend the summer together in Astoria, Oregon, training for the Young’s Bay Treasure Island Race and become close friends in the process.

Once again, Rosanne writes realistic fiction for middle readers that not only captures their imagination, but teaches them something about the world around them. A geocaching element is a part of this new story and a geocache will be hidden near bookstores this summer, including Mockingbird Books.

Haley’s Picks

onlystanleyIt’s Only Stanley by Jon Agee

The Wimbledon family is trying to sleep but keep being woken up by strange noises. Each time the father comes back announcing that it’s the family’s dog, Stanley. The proclamations begin normally: “It’s only Stanley; he’s howling at the moon” but quickly veer into hilariously silly territory: “It’s only Stanley; he fixed our old TV!” We find out that Stanley’s nighttime tinkerings are part of a bigger plan–to turn the family’s house into a spaceship!
The text and illustrations are perfect in this absurd tale that will have you cracking up and turning the page to see what that Stanley is up to next!missmoon

My next pick is another dog book called Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess by Janet Hill. This book’s minimal text is paired with lush oil painting illustrations about a chic French dog governess and her 27 dogs. Each page lists one of her lessons like “Never stop learning” (opposite an illustration of Miss Moon and her bespectacled dogs in the classroom) and “The impossible can become possible with a little creativity” (Miss Moon has made a six-seated bicycle to accommodate some of her dogs). Originally published in French, Miss Moon is a unique book that would make a great gift for any age.ellapenguin

Ella and Penguin Stick Together by Megan Maynor, illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

Ella and Penguin Stick Together is a sweet new book about friendship and overcoming fears. Ella and Penguin get some cool new glow-in-the-dark stickers but they’re both scared of the dark! They try to think of ways to see the stickers glow without having to go into the dark, scary closet, but nothing works. Eventually they support and encourage each other and find out that being brave has its rewards.
Happy Reading!

Alison, Jesse, Emily, Kathryn and Alyson