July Newsletter

by mockingbirdbook

Firefly July

Illustration from “Firefly July: A Year of Very Short Poems” by Melissa Sweet

Summer vacation is here and Seattle is feeling the sun! Stop in and grab a book to read on the beach, at the park, or on the road. We have plenty of great summer reads to choose from!

Upcoming Events

July 11, Saturday at 11:00AMStory Time with Jacqueline Houston, author of The Tales of Mindy Mousekins audio stories for kids.


July 18, Saturday at 11:00AMKaty Webber of Musikal Magik will bring her delightful blend of music, drumming, dancing and stories to share.

August Events51cby3aoioL

August 8, Saturday at 11:00AM – Local Author Saturday! Wendy Wahman Author Event – Wendy Wahman will read from her books, “Don’t Lick the Dog” and “A Cat Like That” as well as sign copies!

Reminder: Story Time Every Day at 11:00am (except Sunday)

Staff Picks

Emily’s Illustrator Spotlightunnamed-1

Yasmeen Ismail (illustrator of One Word from Sophia)

British illustrator Yasmeen Ismail has a refreshing style I have yet to see a contemporary to on our shelves! Mixed splashes of bright watercolor and exaggerated expressions bring the characters on her pages to life. Her images bounce across the page in prismatic bursts and have a controlled scribbly-ness to them which makes for compelling visual storytelling.
One Word from Sophia follows the story of young Sophia and her venture to acquire a pet giraffe. Her written plea starts off as being too wordy and as she slowly edits it, she finds one word is really all that is needed; “Please.”

Jesse’s PicksYak and Gnu

Yak and Gnu by Juliette MacIver and Cat Chapman

Yak and Gnu is the rhyming story of two animal friends on a boat. As they set sail they sing “No one else but you and me can float a boat or sail the sea,” but by the end of their trip they are joined by a smattering of goofy animal sailor-friends. Juliet MacIver’s rhymes are very clever, the story is hilarious, and Cat Chapman’s illustrations are amazing. This book is perfect for reading aloud.

The Dumpster Diver by Janet S. Wong and David RobertsDumpster Diver

The Dumpster Diver is a beautiful picture book about Steve, a dumpster diver extraordinaire who inspires his younger neighbors to see the value in what people throw out. The kids help out as he literally dives into dumpsters, decked out in a snorkel and flippers. They make sculptures, lamps, and fish tanks out of found items and even end up making something to help a friend in need. This book somehow manages to be funny, adventuresome, gross, and touching. A great read!

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski (Illustrated World Atlas)Maps

From the team that brought us the brilliant Where’s Waldo style Mamoko books comes an amazing world atlas. Each page features a huge hand drawn map of a country or continent complete with little illustrations of that country’s highlights. For example, a cute drawing of Pablo Neruda jumps out of the Chile page. Maps is a beautiful collection of some of the most stunning maps I’ve ever seen. I love everything this team does, and this is no exception. A great gift for a world traveler!

Kathryn’s Pick

Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van LeerOff the Page

The companion to Between the Lines, the romantic fairytale continues as the handsome prince leaps from the page into real world high school and meets the girl who wished for him to be real. But not all fairytales have happy endings.

A breezy summer read for book-lovers and dreamers with an unexpected ending. Ages 12 and up.

Teen Reviews

Dumplin’ by Julie MurphyDumplin'

Dumplin’ is an empowering book about a chubby girl who isn’t afraid to call herself fat. Throughout the novel Willowdean has to work through the death of her role model, Aunt Lucy. She also has to face all the difficulties of young love and self worth. Will has never been a person to care about what anyone else thinks. For the first time in her life she does. She does so much that it makes her push away the people she needs and loves the most. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and most of all it will make you feel like you are in love for the first time.

– Iris

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy NelsonI'll Give You

I’ll Give You the Sun is a touching coming of age story about teenage twins Noah and Jude. Noah is an outsider who lives to draw and is falling for the quirky, charming guy next door. Jude is a danger-seeking cool kid who makes her own dresses and creates beautiful secret sand sculptures. They have been two parts of one whole until a tragic turn of events dramatically affects both of their worlds, sending them spinning on different journeys. Is it destiny? Are people from the past helping or hurting? Noah and Jude have different parts to the same story. WIll they ever know the truth? Will they ever be whole again?

The narrator switches back and fourth between Noah and Jude. The offsetting perspectives of the twins at different ages weaves a complex story of love, lies, heartbreak, truth, sadness, friendship and family as they discover themselves. The chapters told by Noah start with the twins at age thirteen and continue until fourteen. Jude’s chapters skip forward to age sixteen. It gives both an outside and inside view on two teenagers who experience tragedy and joy. It gives a touching insight into the lives of other people my age. Throughout the story Jandy Nelson creates amazingly vibrant and deep characters, who display such raw emotion that it is impossible not to fall in love with them. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read because of its astonishing truth. It felt like I was riding the roller-coaster right along with them. This book is unlike any other book I’ve ever read and is a must read for people of every age.

-Sonja Lerner


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Happy Reading!

Mary, Wendy, Alison, Jesse, Emily and Alyson